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Venice Family Clinic | Santa Monica, CA

Posted Date 9/07/2021

*Family Child Care providers that would like to contract with an Early Head Start program to provide services to eligible children.

*Fiscal contractor to provide monthly reports for Governance, state CDE reporting and Federal reporting along with audit leadership

*Data Base consulting for Child Plus and program implementation, training of staff and data base manuals.

*Mental Health Services for 0-3 populations, staff supervision and monthly case review and case notes, classroom and playgroup observations.

*CDA Coach to meet with Home Visitors, Family Child Care providers and Center Base staff to help them obtain their required CDA's

*Family Child Care Coach to implement Creative Curriculum to fidelity

*Family Child Care consultant to work on state CDE grant and system

*Realtor to help locate site for Early Head Start center in West and South LA

*Architect Firm to help with design of two Early Head Start Center remodels in West and South LA

*EHS consultant to help with 1303 Application and Construction projects 

*Parent Trainer for Open Doors Parenting Curriculum 


Job Category
Program Support
Part time | Temporary

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