Homeless Services Worker Supervisor

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County Inc. | San Luis Obispo, CA

Posted Date 11/22/2022

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Homeless Services Center and Interim Housing Manager (HSC/IH Manager), the Homeless Services Worker Supervisor is responsible for assisting and coordinating Homeless Services Programs, the staff, and volunteers. Identifying and provide direct services to homeless individuals and families at the 40 Prado Shelter. Services may include: assessment, information, referral, distribution of needed basic supplies, as well as, on-site client supervision. Working with multiple service providers to enhance, augment, and coordinate service delivery to programs. Working with emergency services personnel, such as law enforcement and paramedics.  Supporting CAPSLO’s mission by providing care and assistance to clients, encouraging and facilitating self-sufficiency.  

Required Education and Experience:

  1. Associate’s Degree/ Two (2) years of College (social work, human services, psychology or related fields) 
  2. Two (2) years of related work or volunteer experience
    1. Related work/volunteer experience: direct human or health services to the economically disadvantaged, physically/mentally disabled, substance abuse/dual diagnosed individuals, the elderly, and/or at risk youth.
  3. Two (2) years of experience in supervising, training, and scheduling staff.

Preferred Education and Experience:

  1. BA/AA degree in social work, human services, psychology or related fields.
  2. Preferences for professional experience in providing direct homeless services to individuals, families, and/or at-risk youth. 
    1. Volunteer experience in combination with other related experiences and education may be accepted.

License & Certifications:

Must have dependable, insured transportation, and a valid California Driver License (mileage to be reimbursed) and acceptable driving record.
A DMV printout and proof of insurance will be required.

Essential Functions:

  1. Responsible for hiring, providing orientation, training, and supervision to Homeless Services Staff and volunteers.
  2. Participate in the interview, selection, hiring, and orientation process of Homeless Services Staff.
  3. Responsible for maintaining a monthly staff work schedule, and arrange substitute staff when scheduled staff is absent, as directed by the Manager.
  4. Ensure timely entry into Ceridian, verification of hours, and checking for mathematical errors.
  5. Oversee client data collection by HSW staff, maintains appropriate program attendance records and other records as required.  
  6. Review and correct staff paperwork to include attendance, intakes, incident reports, and rule notifications.
  7. Perform regular performance evaluations. Provide suggestions for improved performance as appropriate.Handle corrective actions or terminations when required.
  8. Maintain a safe environment by continually monitoring the immediate site and premises. 
  9. Enforce Homeless Services and site-specific policies and procedures. 
  10. Make emergency phone calls when necessary and act as the primary point of contact to Manager.
  11. Oversee HSW staff who primarily will conduct intakes, client assessments (ViSPDATs and as-needed others), and Progress Plans as necessary (Supervisor will complete if needed). 
  12. Ensure that HSW staff are acting as a client resource by providing referrals to services available in the community. 
  13. Maintain a working understanding of the issues surrounding chronic homelessness, mental health, disabilities, substance use disorders, and other barriers that our population faces. 
  14. Maintain a program and staff who embrace evidence-based practices to address barriers and end homelessness.  
  15. Responsible for supervising program staff implementation of the Housing First model, Harm-Reduction model, and provision of Trauma-Informed Care. 
  16. Manage clients and staff by utilizing conflict resolution skills and crisis management techniques. 
  17. Provide feedback and training to staff to deliver said techniques. 
  18. The supervisor will oversee and approve documentation including APS/CWS reports, HR incident report fillings, suspension from services, and other clerical duties as required.
  19. Manage HSW staff to fulfill responsibilities of zone assignments, and other duties as assigned.  
  20. Assist staff with time management skills and other techniques to ensure that they are able to complete their assigned tasks.  
  21. Ensure that all inventory movement (including donations) is properly documented and maintained by staff.  
  22. Responsible for submitting all inventory documentation at the end of the shift.
  23. Assist with food service and coordinates with Kitchen Supervisor regarding meal providers, assistance in serving food (coordinating staff and/or participants), and food donations. 
  24. Maintains proper sanitation practices, clean-up, pickup, and delivery of food.
  25. Required to attend all appropriate training and work meetings.  
  26. Responsible for staff’s attendance in all required training (including Onboarding training) and meetings.
  27. Maintain facility security, assuring all windows, doors, and gates are closed and locked at the end of the day.    
Salary17.50 - 20.00 Hour
Job Category
Full time

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