Head Start Teacher

KidZCommunity: Placer Community Action Council Inc. | Roseville, CA

Posted Date 9/21/2022

$18.31-19.82 per hour
2% Bilingual Enhancement

Head Start Teacher- Roseville, CA

Job Description:

The Teacher is responsible for assisting the Site Supervisor in the administration of an HS/SPS wrap-around program and in the planning, preparation, and execution of the program in conformance with the Head Start Performance Standards, State Preschool Guideline, Title 22 and Title 5 of the California Administrative Code.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Operates within the KidZCommunity vision/mission/values
  • Operates from the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct
  • Follows the Head Start Performance Standards & Title 5
  • Follows the personnel policies & procedures
  • Operates within the KidZCommunity health & safety policies & procedures (ie timely health & safety daily checklist)
  • KidZCommunity Operations Manual and Child Development Classroom Policies and Procedures
  • Understands and operates using Equity Practices including cultural and family beliefs
  • Follows agency timelines
  • Ensures that the individualized plan addresses child interests, learning and development, temperament, language, cultural background, and learning style
  • Understands the High Scope Curriculum, ensures that the written curriculum goals are linked to the ongoing assessment and the children’s pattern of progress and that parents are involved in the curriculum planning
  • Participates in recruitment efforts and activities; assists with enrollments in conjunction with site team staff.
  • Observes and does the record keeping for DRDP Assessments
  • Works with parents for ASQ and ASQ-SE
  • Ensures ratio and licensing guidelines are followed based on Title 22
  • Interacts with children, families and staff appropriately
  • Conducts parent/teacher conferences
  • Conducts educational home visits
  • Understands criteria for CLASS scores
  • Participation at child family focus meetings
  • Participation at scheduled site staff meetings
  • Engages parents in the classroom and at parent meetings
  • Follows the requirement of CACFP when preparing and serving food while assisting with CACFP applicable classroom processes and documentation
  • Uses ChildPlus.net to gain needed information on children
  • Creates lesson plans
  • Uses curriculum enhancements
  • Sets up the classroom/yard environment, including modifications for children with disabilities
  • Maintains children's files
  • Assists families with maintenance of health and medical records
  • Ensures record-keeping and ongoing child assessments are updated
  • Uses the School Readiness goal for planning
  • Follows the DS1 process
  • Creates transition plans
  • Uses positive guidance techniques
  • Performs other duties as assigned
  • Supervision and management protocol, interpersonal relationship approaches, anger diffusion and conflict resolution techniques.


  •  Two (2) years of preschool teaching experience.

 Education and Permit:

  •  24 ECE/CD units including core courses, plus 16 GE units. High/Scope Certification a plus.
  • A Teacher Permit must be, at minimum, applied for within 60 days of hire and maintained or upgraded throughout the course of employment.
Salary18.31 - 19.82 Hour
Job Category
Full time

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