Parent Family & Community Engagement Specialist 260 - 1610

Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County Inc. | Poway, CA

Posted Date 9/17/2023

Position Summary:

The Parent, Family, and Community Engagement (PFCE) Specialist is responsible for supporting the planning, development, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of the PFCE content area for the Early Education and Child Care programs. Provides training, support, and oversight of staff to ensure that caregivers, parents, and families are engaged in the programs and community. Supports families to receive resources and referrals appropriate to their needs. Supports CAPSLO’s mission by providing support to caregivers and parents, and encouraging program engagement by community stakeholders.

Required Education and Experience:

Bachelor’s Degree in social work, human services, family services or related field.


AA Degree and 2 years experience in social work, human services, family services or related field with a minimum of 2 years in a supervisory or administrative position.

Preferred Education and Experience:

Experience in Family Support and/or Family Strengthening Frameworks is preferred.

License & Certifications:

  1. A DMV printout and proof of insurance will be required.
  2. Must provide certificates of completion of approved pediatric first aid and pediatric CPR training within 30 days of hire.

Essential Functions:

  1. Supports the planning, development, coordination, implementation, and monitoring of a comprehensive PFCE plan that complies with Head Start Program Performance Standards. Includes policies and procedures, service area plan, self-assessment, program improvement plan, community assessment, and Program Improvement Report components.
  2. Provides training and support to staff in integrating PFCE plan into program options.
  3. Monitors and maintains data and record keeping system for the PFCE plan.
  4. Provides training and technical assistance to staff to:
    1. Support caregivers and parents in developing healthy self-concepts and becoming the primary family educator(s).
    2. Provide a comprehensive PFCE plan that offers activities and connection to resources/services that support and enhance the caregiver/parent role.
    3. Build relationships to engage with caregivers/parents and children in comprehensive services.
    4. Engage caregivers, parents, and families in planning and participation of caregiver/parent meetings.
    5. Recruit, train, assign, and schedule caregivers, parents, and other volunteers as appropriate.
  5. Acts as a social services liaison between community agencies and programs. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with public and private agencies to ensure availability of resources for children and families.
  6. Ensures that a systematic family engagement program is implemented in all service areas.
  7. Educates families on the importance of caregivers and parents as the first teachers of children.
  8. Helps caregivers, parents, and families develop personal and family communication skills and build self-confidence. Supports them in modifying behaviors that interfere with family wellness.
  9. Incorporates information and resources on depression, substance abuse/use, and the effects of living in a house with domestic violence.
  10. Recruits caregivers, parents, and families to participate in meetings and activities.
  11. Assists out-of-county staff in the recruitment of families for enrollment into the Early Education and Child Care programs.
  12. Assists in planning and implementing workshops, trainings, and activities for caregivers, parents, and families.
  13. Develops, leads, and facilitates engagement groups, activities, and events.
  14. Arranges and/or provides transportation to seminars, workshops, and field trips.
  15. Works with program staff to ensure that caregiver, parent, and family goals and interests are incorporated into the Family Partnership Agreement.
  16. Collaborates with community agencies and develops inter-agency agreements to provide resources, referrals, and services to families. Monitors and follows-up to ensure that families’ needs have been effectively addressed.
  17. Monitors and tracks the status and progress of engagement participants and assists with any problems that arise.
  18. Develops and maintains program files; and documentation of contacts, services, and referrals to caregivers, parents, and families.
  19. Compiles records and prepares reports to be submitted to the Child and Family Services division director.
  20. Expands impact of PFCE plan by supporting caregivers, parents, and families in mentoring other caregivers/parents/families, facilitating groups, and recruiting others into the program.
  21. Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect
    1. Ensures all staff receives annual training and information on child abuse and neglect reporting laws and understand the role of a Mandated Reporter in preventing child abuse and neglect, substance abuse, and domestic violence.
    2. Ensures parents receive information on child abuse and neglect reporting laws and provides resource information on preventing child abuse, substance abuse and domestic violence.

EOE/ V/ ADA/ Drug Free Workplace/ Asset Infused Organization. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer and do not discriminate against applicants due to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, national origin, veteran status, or on the basis of disability.

Salary19.75 - 25.00 Hour
Job Category
Family Services | Program Support
Full time

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